Life! The miracle

  • And it began… A home where I lived and remember fondly when I was 7 cannot be found. The town it was in, Otterbein, is no longer on the map.
  • My favorite home when a child was far out in the hills of Southern California, a rambling ranch house with no neighbors for miles around. It is now a metropolis of concrete and high-end real estate! The house is gone!
  • Where I spent my teen years was a middle class white family neighborhood. It is now a Black-Chicano ghetto.
  • My high school burned down in my junior year.
  • The Institute for Biotic Resource Research where I worked and taught for seven years in Mexico no longer exists. It closed upon the election of the new president, who closed the previous president’s institutions, and established new ones of his own. The heads of the departments and colleagues with whom I worked are all gone to places unknown.
  • my best friend whom I worked with at the above Institute, died the year after I returned to the States.
  • The man who made our wedding rings, a long-time friend of my husband’s, died in an auto accident.
  • The doctor who delivered my first child died with all of his family in an auto accident.
  • The Alliance Française in Xalapa, Veracruz, with its combination large home and classrooms, where I got my first job as a language teacher, and where I lived with my family for 6 months as interim director, was torn down to widen an intersection. It’s gone.
  • My first “boss,” the director of the Alliance Française just mentioned, died years ago during an operation procedure.
  • The new large home and Alliance Française school later purchased by the director, where I worked afterward, is no longer a school. It was for many years after the director’s death, an inn and an art gallery. The art gallery is gone. The inn remains. The school no longer exists.
  • In the course of my married life, three wedding rings were stolen after my husband purchased a new one each time. I have not had one since.
  • The marriage that I intended to last forever, turned out to be never, husband unfaithful from the first month, and for the first ten years of our marriage.
  • The Cascade School for At-risk Youth where I taught In the Cascades, California for three years, closed shortly after I left. It doesn’t exist anymore.
  • The Catholic High School where I taught Spanish closed a few years after I left. It doesn’t exist anymore.
  • The Department Head and my manager when I was Supervising Health Advocate at the Shasta County Public Health Department were dismissed the year after I left because of inside corruption. I was a victim of their politics and fired by them just a few months before their bad policies came to light. Postscript: I was the one who brought it to light with our local Representative.
  • I’ve tried unsuccessfully three times, over a period of several years, to obtain transcripts or validation of the course of studies from the Sorbonne where I received my diploma (transcripts not given in my time), and  have never received an answer from them, not even a “no can do” response. I have not been able to obtain a teaching job, or even an interview! in San Diego without this, nor can I supply the appropriate documentation for eligibility to return for a masters.
  • The property we purchased in Mexico many years ago, with the intention of building our home there, was left to fate when I came back to the U.S. with my sons after my separation, and we have not been able to sell it to anyone. It has literally returned to the jungle, completely overgrown!
  • The closest people to me in my life, my eldest brother, and a dear friend and soul mate, with both of whom I shared all the joys and pains of life, have passed away, and my family now rarely communicates.
  • The France, so dear to me, where I found myself and where life began for me at the age of 18, is on the verge of disappearing under the return of the Muslim hordes.

Every home and place of importance once in my life has disappeared.  That’s called burning your bridges. God has led me all the away, eventually… His Home.  My heart is overwhelmed with the joy of finding all sacrifices turned to the precious gold of Faith unbroken. My past erased, has coincided with the moment in time when the past of the world, now discovered to be false and wicked, is to be erased as well. I am just in time to see the grace of a new world coming. I have no problem moving into this world. I’ve known the sacrifice; I’ve left the past. I am ready!  Dear Heavenly Father …bring it on! 

To God be the glory!

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