I paint. Therefore I am!

Art stinks!  Today it does, and artists are showing a great deal of pride over a lot of junk they are creating. The public is awestruck by the ones I have in mind, and they are among the heroes of our time. The media is a magician. It makes heroes every day out of immoral, tasteless, even ugly, issues.

One of my favorite artists has bored me!  Except for a few of the most interesting compositions, this artist is doing the same type of painting every time – same colors, same foreground with a variety of places pictured – in the same colors too – same “look” overall.  But she is traveling the world, giving dozens of workshops in different countries supported by the workshop fees and her name, and selling her art consistently. Don’t get me wrong. She’s an excellent artist! But she is doing pretty much the same thing she has been for years. With few, remarkable, exceptions, I feel like I’m looking at the “same painting” every time she posts something new.

Another artist I know is very good, but all her works look the same too. Colors, mood, and nature scenes with no variety in any of them, except for the positions of the trees, rivers that are her subjects “par excellence”.  Hundreds of versions of the “same painting.” Also boring.

Picasso did some interesting work, some great work, and a lot of junk.  But he is famous and his art sells for millions.

The same extraordinary prices are paid for the works  of Warhol and                Anyone who can wield a paintbrush with some skill, can easily reproduce their work!

Just saw each artist’s art at a recent artist group get-together (posted on Facebook), roughly 15 people, and not one single one of the artworks they proudly displayed and oohed and awed over was good! Not one! The work was ridiculous, amateurish, garish, ugly, and/or boring with no talent shown.  These people are just throwing paint on a canvas trying to look different (therefore avant guard and great?) and every one of them has had consistent shows, sold art, and are classified among the best artists in their area.

No artist without a penny to his or her name can get his or her art “out there” to be seen. And if the artist is an unknown, being seen is still like being invisible.

The art buying public is crazy! They will buy plastic whirligigs for their garden and cheap poster reproductions of well-known artists (great and not), and pass up a lovely original work of art for their home, if the venue, the artist, the hype, are not “in the news.”

Connoisseurs of good art are among the most rich and the most poor.  The former are not within my acquaintance or reach. The latter cannot afford my art, even the less expensive works. Hence, I have little trouble gifting an artwork to someone who really cares and will treasure the gift.  I have made a few exceptions: some  artworks, because of size, presentation, or, most importantly, the special time, love and skill that went into them, and still hope to sell them at a fair price.  The result? I have been sitting on a small horde or “good” works that have never moved out of my closet.

I am perplexed.  I am also needful of an income.  Selling some artwork would be a fair return on the time and creativity that produced them.  I am also slowly giving in to the fact that these artworks “will never sell!”  What good are they to anyone in the closet? Shall I donate them to charity? I have done so several times in the past and the donated works have brought in a healthy amount for the charities involved. The natural conclusion, if I could not sell them, is that they are not worth anything. But if they sell for charity at a good price, then they are worth something.  People don’t bid – even for a great cause – on something they don’t want! 

Let’s use some logic:  artists “in the news” – skillful or not – sell. Donated art is in the news, hence it sells.  I am not in the news. I don’t sell.  The charity sells.  Should I become a charity case, I would have it made. Now I laugh.  No, I will be me. I will put my loving message in my art, and as with everything else in life…I will leave it to God.  Who knows, If He made me an artist, time may change everything …. and I will speak again.  

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